Darren Cohen

Welcome to the Family Jamhouse Family. A place to explore the deep connections between family members and the music they create.


The idea to create concerts, a radio show and festivals that feature members of the same family has been cultivating in the fertile soil of my imagination for a very long time.


Years ago, when I was active in music management and booking, I gravitated toward bands that had family members in them. Back then I focused on brothers that performed together like Brad & Andrew Barr of The Slip, who now perform under the name The Barr BrothersMoon Boot Lover which featured Alan and Neal Evans, who later created Soulive.


I realized the vibe and connection that exists between the brothers is intuitive, magical, and deeply moving. They create a sound that feels like home. I’m sure those of you familiar with these artists can testify to the wonder and alchemy in their music.


As I let my mind envision this project it dawned on me that there are hundreds of groups that have family members playing together, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, daughters and sons that all share this mysterious beauty. Its been a really exciting journey to brainstorm ways to feature family artists, nurture connections and bring it all to you.


Now all these years later the dream has become a reality thanks to the phenomenal and diverse musical knowledge of my old high school buddy Rick Schneider, DJ extraordinaire, who will host our radio show every Saturday at 9pm.


Please tune in wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Saturdays at 9pm on 98.1 FM or stream anytime on SoundCloud. Rick and I look forward to sharing this awesome experience in Family and Music with you.


Stay tuned for interviews with your favorite artists and upcoming concert announcements for 2018.


Rick Schneider

Rick Schneider’s thirst for music began at a young age. Absorbing an eclectic variety of musical genres. Crafting and writing songs, and performing live since 1983. Combining his deep knowledge of music, and an appreciation of a well-written song, Rick stayed true to his style, never conforming to the boundaries of pop music trends. He writes contemporary songs steeped in tradition, with respect for the masters, for future generations. “A good song will never go out of style, and should be heard.”


(Darren Cohen – of Family Jamhouse, Rick‘s great friend since high-school was a member of their first band The Bandits, which later, changed its name to The Jamhogs. Darren & Rick began writing, creating, sharing ideas, and performing songs live then, and have been close since.)


Rick has been on-air and a staple of FM radio since 2000. Formerly on-air, Music Director and Production Director of 100.1 WDST Woodstock, NY. Currently Up & Running Morning Show Host (6-10 am Weekday Mornings – Since Sept. 7, 2007), Host Of Family Jamhouse  (Specialty Show 9-10PM Saturday), and Music Director of 98.1 WKZE Red Hook, NY. Rick programs all music, all shifts, minus the specialty shows hosted by others. Keeping the pulse of music alive and well in The Hudson Valley, NY, The Berkshires – Mass, and The Litchfield Hills of CT. & Around The World!